KY TRIO Scholars Bowl Superteam took 1st place at the 2022 SAEOPP Regional Competition in Atlanta, GA.

KY TRIO STEM Bridging Building Pre-College Team took 1st place in this Inaugural Competition held at the 2022 SAEOPP Regional Competition in Atlanta, GA.


KY TRIO hosts a number of Student Academic competitions during TRIO Day each year. These competitions are:

  • ACADEMIC BOWL - a group competition for middle school ETS students including written and quick recall categories.

  • HIGH-Q - a group quick recall competition for high school ETS students.

  • SCHOLARS BOWL - a group quick recall competition for high school UB students.

  • DEBATE - a two person debate team consisting of SSS or McNair students.

  • POSTER SESSION - for college or adult learners in ETS, EOC, SSS, or McNair.

Click on the name of any competition for more information, including competition rules, sample questions, and much more. Scholar's Bowl preliminaries will be held on (2023 TBA) and all competitions will be held on (2023 TBA). All Registration Forms must be submitted online prior to close of business (4:30 pm CST) February 1, 2023. If you have questions or need to change the name(s) of students competing, please contact your competition's coordinator or one of the KY TRIO Student Initiatives Co-Chairs (Chris George, Matthew Hyden).

Registration forms for all competitions can be completed on the page for each competition (listed above) and are completely online this year!

Q: "What happens if our team of students win their competition? "

A: By registering your students for any KY TRIO Student Initiative Competition, your program agrees to assume all costs (transportation, food, lodging, etc.) to get students to the SAEOPP Student Regional Academic Competitions in Atlanta, GA. Additionally, your program will assume all costs for any chaperone from your program as well.

As more information about the region competition is available it will be passed on to all winning teams and programs.