Committe's & Chairs
Please refer to the KY TRIO Directory for contact information

  1. Archives: Audrey Neal

  2. Awards: (Appointed by President to Regional Rep)

  3. Communications: Holly Branscum

  4. Conference Co-Chairs: Becca Morrison and Matthew Hyden

  5. Constitution Co-Chairs: Matthew Hyden and Tom Rowland

  6. Emerging Leaders Institute/Newcomers Chair: Amanda Lewis

  7. Fair Share Co-Chairs: Holly Branscum, Becca Morrison, Matthew Hyden

  8. Finance Committee: Dr. Dan Connell

  9. Membership Co-Chairs: (Treasurer and Regional Reps)

  10. Nominating Committee Co-Chairs: Matthew Hyden & Tom Rowland

  11. Program Task Force Chairs: Tamara Stewart (Chair)
    - Shawn Stokes, Facilitator (SSS)
    - Matthew Donovan, Facilitator (EOC)
    - Keymia Herve, Facilitator (UB/UBMS)
    - Andrea Brin, Facilitator (ETS)

  12. Scholarship Chair: Megan Horne

  13. State Advocacy Chair: Marissa Smith

  14. Student Initiatives: Dr. T. Chris George & Matthew Hyden

  15. KY TRIO Alumni Society: Shayla Ring & Niasha Shaw

  16. Kennessee COVID-19 Response Team: (Ad Hoc Committee chaired by Vice-President)

  17. KY TRIO Learn Committee: Dr. T. Chris George

  18. Strategic Planning: Tamara Stewart, Dr. Dan Connell, and Stephen Keene

  19. Technology Chair (Website): Maria David

  20. Technology Chair (Listserv): Matthew Hyden