Emerging Leaders is a program that KY TRIO and SAEOPP both run individually to develop new leaders for their organizations.  KY TRIO hosts an Emerging Leaders program training at their Fall Conference & Spring Meeting, and SAEOPP hosts their Emerging Leaders program at their Spring Conference.  These are separate trainings, but individuals participating in the state training are encouraged to participate in the regional training.

If you wish to be a part of Emerging Leaders you must be a KY TRIO member with a desire to work on committees, chair committees, or hold elected offices. The commitment is a two-year agreement to follow through with the training and it is the hope of the organization that you will become actively involved in committees and elected positions once you are trained. Participants will be a part of the conference committee for 2023-2024. 

Training is usually held as a pre-conference activity for half a day prior to the fall KY TRIO conference.  The Emerging Leaders training is free to attend, but all expenses of hotel and food are the responsibility of the attendee, who should also be registered for the conference.

If you are interested in this opportunity, discuss it with your supervisor and then contact a board member or contact Matthew Hyden (matt@kaeopp.org) or Becca Morrison (becca.morrison@eku.edu) KY TRIO ELI Co-Chairs.

Application and more information about KY TRIO Emerging Leaders program can always be found on the Fall Conference page when applications are live. 

ELI Class of 2021 from the Annual Kennessee 2021 Conference

Statement of Support KY ELI 2023.pdf

Nominees must download and print the Statement of Support (above) and upload it with their official application for ELI.