Hello KY TRIO!

See documents below for the KY TRIO Fall Meeting Business Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2022 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM in the Tennessee Ballroom at Park Vista Hotel, in Gatlinburg, TN. We are excited to see you!

Don't forget to give to the 2022 Fair Share Drive! KY TRIO's 10 for 10 Goal is 26 participants!

Give to Fair Share during the Kennessee Conference and be entered into the drawing for an Oculus 2 256 gb!

Business Seal Logo

This logo would be used specifically for things like letterhead and official KY TRIO business.

Promotional Logo

This logo would be used for promotional items, such as shirts and other products purchased to promote KY TRIO.

Please send comment to President Keene regarding the logo ideas above to stephen@kytrio.org. All members will be allowed to publicly comment and address any possible issues with the proposed designs during the KY TRIO State Business Meeting being held November 8, 2022 at 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm during the 3rd Annual Kennessee Conference!

KY TRIO Business Meeting

See documents below!

Draft April 14, 2022 KY TRIO Business Meeting Minutes.docx
Draft November 8, 2022 KY TRIO Business Meeting Agenda.docx

President Report - Kennessee Conference November 2022.docx

Budget Report

The Treasurer's Budget Report will be emailed to membership on Friday, November 8, 2022. It is password protected and the password will also be emailed to all paid members on Friday, November 8, 2022.