Scholarships are now available!
Application Deadline, April 24, 2020 5:00 pm EST

There are four scholarship types available this year (click on the scholarship to open the online application, for more information see the attachments below):  

To apply for each scholarship type, click on its name above, and complete the online application. Ensure you have all required documents in electronic formats (PDF, JPG, etc.) prior to completing the application.  


The KY TRIO board met virtually yesterday and a few changes and clarifications have been made to the current scholarship competition:
  • It was decided to extend the deadline to Friday, April 24th.
  • The requirement for the letter of recommendation from a non-TRIO individual (counselor, instructor, employer, pastor, etc.) has been waived.  Points associated with this requirement will be eliminated for this competition.  However, for those who have already submitted the entire application, the letters of recommendation will be considered as part of the overall application...but students who aren't able to secure the letter or recommendation will not be eliminated from the applicant pool.
  • TRIO Nominators are encouraged to provide strong letters of nomination, since there may not be an accompanying letter of recommendation from the non-TRIO individual.
  • Unofficial transcripts are completely acceptable and may be submitted by the TRIO Nominator on behalf of the student.
  • Plans for announcing the scholarship winners have not be finalized, as this would have been at our spring meeting, but will be distributed as soon as details are available.
KY TRIO is pleased to once again provide awards to Kentucky TRIO students.


The four KY TRIO scholarships available this year are listed above.  As noted, each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria and required documentation – just click on the links above to review each scholarship’s details.  Additional information about the scholarship application process are provided below.  

-          Any current dues-paying KY TRIO members may serve as a Nominator for scholarships.  If you are unsure if your membership is current, contact Treasurer, Zachary Hess.

-          Any TRIO Participant may apply for one or more scholarships.   However, the Participant must have a different Nominator for each application.  For example, if any one student is nominated for any combination of the KY TRIO, Adult Learner, Susan Adams, and Dr. Richard Hunley scholarships, each application must have a different nominator.  

-          Any Nominator may nominate one Participant per scholarship and may nominate for more than one scholarship total.   Also, each nomination must be for a different student.  However, there is a limit to how many nominations each Program can submit.

-          Any Program may submit one nomination per scholarship, as eligible (Susan Adams Leadership Award, Adult Learners Scholarship, Pre-College Scholarship, and Dr. Richard "Richie" Hunley Scholarship).  If a Program has more than one eligible Nominator, it is recommended to use a vetting or screening process to determine which student (one student per scholarship) will be submitted on behalf of the Program.  See examples below for further clarification.

-          All information for a particular scholarship application (including ALL required attachments) must be submitted through the online application at the same time.  It is recommended that Nominators submit the application on behalf of the Participant (Participant provides the Nominator with their essay and other requisite information), as this allows the Nominator to submit the Nomination Letter.  This also helps ensure that Programs know who they are nominating and that Participants are not attempting to apply without all of the appropriate documentation. 

-          All required documents are listed on the first page of each application.

Example 1, a Program has one eligible Nominator.  The Nominator may submit applications on behalf of up to four different students (one per scholarship), assuming all unique scholarship eligibility criteria are met. 

Example 2, a Program has more than one eligible Nominator and they both (or all) wish to nominate students for one or more scholarships.  The Program employs a vetting or pre-screening process to determine which applicant(s) they wish to endorse, at most one Participant per scholarship.  The Program also decides which Nominator will submit the nomination for each of the applicants.  If one Participant is endorsed for more than one scholarship, the Participant must have more than one Nominator (one for each scholarship).   

Therefore, for example, if there are twenty-four SSS Programs statewide than the maximum number of applications that should be received for any one scholarship appropriate to SSS Participants is twenty-four (each from a different SSS Program).   

The rationale behind these guidelines is to help ensure that the number of applications received will not be too large and unmanageable or too few for the scholarship program to be meaningful.   Similarly, the guidelines help ensure that the greatest number of interested Participants receive some form of scholarship award. 

To be considered for KY TRIO scholarships, all TRIO Programs are asked to adhere to the criteria for the KY TRIO scholarships and the application deadline of April 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm EST. 

Applications that are incomplete or missing required information WILL NOT be considered and will be disqualified. It is the responsibility of the Nominator and/or Program to make sure all required materials are included with the application.

Please pay close attention to the criteria listed for each scholarship. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Member-At-Large (East), Megan Horne.

Scholarship winners will be announced sometime in May at a date and time to be determined.